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It was June 11, 2015, just another sunny day down at the Jersey Shore, when Walsh suddenly felt severe pain in his jaw.An old Army buddy noticed the color had drained from Walsh’s face, told him “Sit down! Keep up with this story and more In the ambulance, a paramedic asked Walsh if he liked the T-shirt he was wearing. “That’s good,” the paramedic said, before he cut it off with scissors.But the other accused man, Bernard Shero, a former Catholic schoolteacher, was doing eight to 16 years, while his family was going broke trying to appeal his case.

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And while he dealt with all his physical pain, Walsh realized something else was bothering him: his conscience.

Walsh is renowned among his brethren for his exploits in tracking down cop killers, baby killers and predator priests.

In 2002, Walsh was one of four detectives assigned to DA Lynne Abraham’s groundbreaking grand jury investigation into the sexual abuse of children in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Abraham wanted her detectives and prosecutors to shred the veil of secrecy that had shrouded the archdiocese for decades, allowing it to harbor pedophiles.

When Ogren asked why, the retired cop told him, “I know I’m alive for a reason,” and that was “to right this wrong.”Before he hunted predator priests, Walsh chased down cop killers.

When off-duty Philadelphia police officer Freddie Dukes was shot dead trying to stop the robbery of a bar on Christmas Eve, it was Walsh who got the killer to confess.

But there is something he’s especially proud of—in his 35 years on the force, Walsh believes he never locked up an innocent man or woman.

Until, that is, his last case, when he was asked to investigate the alleged multiple rapes of a former altar boy a grand jury dubbed “Billy Doe” to protect his identity.

“He hooked me up [to a monitor], and that’s all I remember,” Walsh says.

“Everything went white.”When he came to minutes later, Walsh heard an emergency medical technician say, “Come on, Joe, keep breathing.” Then he heard the paramedic say that when he woke up, he was going to think he’d been kicked in the chest by a horse.

When rookie police officer Daniel Boyle was killed after stopping a suspect in a speeding stolen car, it was Walsh who took the killer’s confession from a hospital bed (after the killer had tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire).

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