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I looked up on Richard Binder's website the dating system for Parker, but my 51 does not match any of them. Well, my pen has all of the characteristics of a Mark I pen: rounded barrel end, metal filler with a plastic finish and a broad double clutch ring. So the cap may not have been original, for example.

I live in Brazil, so I guessed there was a possibility that the one I have was made in Argentina with the machinery Parker abandoned, as stated on Mr. The clip is the short arrow with no jewel or incsribing of any kind. Do the production dates match for the filler and the cap? That's a really great source for information about production changes and dates. I believe this pen in particular is still original.

If that's what you have, and you want to remove it, unscrew the barrel and either clean it or gently poke it out with a toothpick or something like that.

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The nib is a wide medium on a parker factory nib grader. This hardback book features over 700 color photographs complemented by authoriitative information throughout its 176 pages.

This vacumatic was made in the fourth quarter of 1945: (some pens also have a date code on the nib.

But, above all, the main issue with any 51 for me is, how does it write? As an example, I bought a 51 new in 1970 in the US Air Force Exchange when I was in the Air Force. It has a 14K nib, a Lustraloy nib and a gray cap jewel. My pen is nearly identical to one my father was given in the late 1950s when he left the Post Office.

The difference between the two pens, and both are midnight blue, is that the cap on my pen has the Parker halo emblem on the back of the cap, where my father's pen doesn't.

Parker's continued advertising during the war created a demand that took several years to fulfill after the end of the conflict.

A common misconception about Quink is that it was intended primarily for the Parker "51," which generated over 400 million dollars in sales during its thirty-year history.One thing I noticed is that, at the end of the barrel there is a white dot.It does not seem to be something factory made, but instead it looks like there was a hole there and it was plugged with some kind of plastic.But there is nothing on the barrel to identify its date. There are no production dates anywhere I looked - not on the barrel and not on the filler, only the 1/10 (or I/IO) on the cap.The only clue I have is an engraving on the cap: I/IO, or 1/10, I'm not sure how to read it. I took a brief look at, but couldn't find anything to help me. I took some photos, but my tablet's camera is horrible and the pictures were all blurry.The Parker 51, introduced in 1941, is a fountain pen.

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