isotope dating old objects - Dating paper ink

Mulberry Paper And, your source for Mulberry Paper, Japanese Washi Paper and other imported specialty papers.

Indian Cotton Paper: Inspired by textile patterns and colors, Indian papers make outstanding papers for all art and design applications.

Indian Cotton Papers use refined cotton from rags, clothing and textiles instead of pulp from the cotton seed as other papers.

Lokta Paper is available in many colors and designs: from sun-washed to screen printed and textured to marbled.

When you need a strong, durable paper, Lokta Paper is the choice for you.

The cultivation of this "tree free" paper is an eco-friendly resource and a reliable revenue stream for the village artisans of Nepal's rural and urban areas.

Growing around 6-9,000 feet up in the Himalayan region of Nepal, this bush completely regenerates in about 4 to 6 years after being cut to about 6" from the ground.

Egyptian Papyrus Paper is formed by laying thin strips of papyrus plant stalk in horizontal and vertical (crosswise) layers.

Each handmade sheet of Papyrus is unique and often features frayed edges adding to its handmade character.

Banana and Mango Paper: Laced with inclusions, these Banana and Mango Papers are a beautiful and durable addition to your paper collection and crafts.

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