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A Florida man who thought he was going on a hot date couldn’t have been any more wrong.

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As the man — who has not been identified by police — circled the Jacksonville neighborhood, a woman who matched the dating profile picture stood outside and welcomed him into a home, according to the arrest report. That’s when his date lured him into a bedroom, the report says, and told him she was going to get a beer and would be right back.

Within seconds, he was ambushed by three masked men — one of them, armed.

That’s when the man drove away and flagged down a stranger on the street, who called the police for him.

The victim was transported to the hospital with several facial lacerations, swelling and bruising, cops say.

Police later arrested 19-year-old Kristen Freese, 20-year-old Elizabeth Rittenhouse, and 24-year-old Darell Mathis. The three other people involved — Stoner Snow Bunny91 and two other men— have yet to be arrested, records show.

Welcome to Mosaic Mosaic Outdoor Club of South Florida is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing Jewish people the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities.

7)Girls here are trashy as hell and spread diseases all over, yet they blame the Black people or Hispanics. 9)the court system is as corrupt as hell and we depend on them to protect are constitutional rights but they let every street thug loose.

10)The weather here sucks,school system sucks,jobs suck,and Floridians honestly think that Bahama Breeze or the Ale House are high class restaurants. If you did not grow up living in the boondocks shooting soda cans and possums then you obviously do not fit in.

He was then unclothed, beaten with brass knuckles and had his brown wallet and blue Nike shoes stolen, he told officers.

“The suspects threatened to kill the victim if he didn't provide his PIN code for his debit card and use his finger print to unlock his i Phone,” an officer said in a police report.

The woman’s online profile name was Stoner Snow Bunny91.

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