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MASTERY IV is the first 80 Advanced System Columns previously available only to Doc Love Club Members. PDF and features Doc’s and Jeff Stevens’ application of The System as it relates to pop culture.

We like to say that MASTERY IV is a book where The System meets pop culture and pop culture loses.

If You Fail To Keep Up With The Changes, You Will Fall Behind The Competition Watch Our TV Interview Here: IT-_Wb2m HM Unfortunately…MOST MEN Never Really Take Control Of Their Dating Lives The reason for this is that us men are simply NEVER TAUGHT how to date…Crazy, right!? (*Free tickets are limited) (One of Ben’s previous Seminars) You Will Learn: – The 3 Biggest Changes In Modern Dating – The 5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make Because of Old Fashioned Ideas About Dating – How To Use Online Dating Apps & Websites CORRECTLY! ) – How Your Body-Language Is Making You (AND Women) Nervous – How You Can Be NATURALLY Confident In Social & Dating Situations And much MUCH more! Here’s What Actual Attendees of Ben’s Previous Events Said: “Thanx for last Thursday night Ben found it very motivating and walked out with a smile on my face you’re definitely very inspiring” – Matt “Thanks Ben for the wonderful and informative session.

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He doesn't try to teach some outrageous methods such as "negs" or hypnosis or what looks cool on tv with actors, but in reality makes us look like creeps. He doesn't try and teach some "magical" formula or anything like that. Go through his stuff and you will be able to tell David Wygant genuinely cares about his students. Of all the boot camps and seminars out there, I've chosen to attend his. I would be careful dealing with this company and read the fine print when buying a product from them.

David Wygant teaches not to use pick-up lines and to be cool. I'll be attending the one in Los Angeles in 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to it. They only offer an "action based" refund 90 days after you buy the product.

It was an informative talk which was well conducted by host Ben.

I can say that I took away a lot of good ideas and information which I can apply in my next practical situation” – Marco There will be Limited FREE Earlybird Tickets available so: 1 – Register your ticket here now: 2 – Make sure to save it in your calendar 3 – Remember to come along on the night!

(If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you’re NOT ALONE! When You Get The Right Knowledge and Skills…You Can Actually LEARN… That’s why sought-after International Men’s Confidence & Dating Coach (and #1 Amazon Best-selling Author of ‘The Natural Attraction Blueprint’) Ben Alexander…

Read on…) EVEN in just the last few years The Dating Game Has Changed Dramatically! How to become more confident, more attractive, and more in control of your social and dating life so you can beat the competition in the Modern Dating Game! Is going to be giving a FREE* 90minute Seminar in Perth!Doc suggests you read the guy’s question two times, answer it yourself and then see how close you got to his answer.You will show your understanding of The System by doing this.This web-based series provides self-assessments for US and international medical students who want to assess their knowledge of the clinical sciences covered during a clerkship or medical education course.Self-assessments are available for each of the following: NOTE: The correct answer feature will be available for the Clinical Science Mastery Series self-assessments in 2018 Please see the table below for essential information about these self-assessments.fake fear - How to approach woman after woman - The most underused place for meeting beautiful women - How to tap into the power of social proof VOLUME III: The Death of Pickup Lines and Canned Material - How to drop that creepy stalker boy persona - How to have fun, fearless conversations with a woman - Why you should have a bad boy edge to your look and personality - Why playing the numbers with women is smart - Social charisma - The art of observation - The 30 second rule - The unlikely places to meet hot women - How to own the room VOLUME IV: How to Get Ridiculously Good at Approaching - The three common guy mistakes made during the approach - Authentic storytelling that draws women into your reality - How to charm her friends and family - Why you should never violate the Friday Night Rule - Advanced psychological judo - How to tease her with both words and body language - How to ask questions without seeming like boring and needy - How to use props in your environment to give her an unforgettable experience - The most direct way to ask her out - The best things to say if you're rejected or if she has a boyfriend - What works better: phone, email or both - Why you should never talk about money - How to set the rules like a real man VOLUME V: How to Naturally Put Your Best Foot Forward - What your current wardrobe says about you - How to dress for the kind of women you'd like to attract - How to create an amazing new look without breaking the bank - How to use candles in your place to convey strong sexual confidence - The role of music and the keys to seduction by music - The unmatched power of shoes and a great watch VOLUME VI: Where to Meet the Best Women - The ideal places to meet your type of woman - How to meet women online - The bait, hook, and release technique - Why you must adhere to the The 10 p.m.

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