nichedating - Dating madame alexander dolls

To my understanding this is due the Quiz-Kins generally being sold with very plain and basic clothing.Identifying Your Alexander-Kin Although the 'Kins' are still produced today and are now exported globally the most valuable ones are of course the original vintage models. Markins"Dolls that came already dress had a three digit number (i.e. Boxes that had four digits (i.e.0123) were for boxed outfits.

The line was also sold at different accessory levels.

Some models included only the basics like the doll, panties, shoes and socks with outfits sold separately.

Alexander-Kin Doll Values It would be impossible for us to list the value of every Alexander-Kin doll but they generally Kins range from $400 - $2000 with the vast majority between $600 and $1000.

As with most dolls a large percentage of the value is determined by the outfit that the doll is wearing.

Others were complete boxed sets with a fully dressed doll included.

Unfortunately not every doll in the line grew and evolved.

I always try to identify as well as restore my dolls so my buyer has the most information possible about a new addition to their collection. I've always liked reading and history, and learning about new things.

I've found researching the Madame Alexander Wendy-Kins and Alexander-Kins quite frustrating, however.

The new more versatile legs allowed the dolls to pose as never before, to kneel and of course sit.

The body of the dolls was not the only thing to change over the years.

In fact, I keep coming across "tips" for identifying dolls that suggest things such as looking at the box and studying the outfit.

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