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The group of Japanese girls we interviewed said: Foreign men have the tendency to lie more than Japanese men.

When they’re late for a date, forget to keep a promise, or get into an argument, in any of these situations, a foreign boyfriend may lie in an attempt to make themselves look better.

When dating Japanese women, at some point you may encounter some relationship turbulence due to differences in culture.

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Being jealous is understandable and may even be a sign of their devotion.

However, Japanese girls dating foreigners feel that at times it can be at an extreme level.

The majority of Japanese girls dating foreigners have experienced an embarrassing situation where their partner will say something or do something in the wrong time or place. Not the jelly, but it stands for ‘Kuuki wo Yomenai’ (Can’t read between the lines).

The group of Japanese girls we interviewed said: When it comes to relationships, foreign men tend to be the jealous type.

Also, what were are doing right and what we could be doing wrong.

Most importantly find some hints to help Bros (and myself) continue a relationship with a Japanese girl.

In extreme cases, some Japanese girls dating foreigners have experienced their boyfriend losing his temper at the sight of them talking to another man!

These jealous types see other men as bloodthirsty wolves, ready to prance if given a chance.

Something that is normal or understood in our culture, could be troubling to girls in a different one.

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