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And please don’t forget to discuss these services with your immediate family members, who might be in charge of your affairs if you become .Furthermore, I did not know that my mother would have been eligible for these services.

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As liaison coordinators for this program in our Lodges, we are expected to share this knowledge with our Brethren and their families.

Moreover, we are expected to attend further training sessions each quarter for the duration of our participation.

I had the opportunity to visit the Masonic Home in Covina, California a couple of weeks ago. This time I was attending a District VIII Lodge Outreach Program.

It was an all-day affair to help spread the word about California’s Masonic Assistance Programs for Freemasons in the state.

It must be stressed, the money to pay for these services came from the dues, and other private donations, of Blue Lodge members in the state of California; as such, services, other than the help-line, will only be distributed amongst its members and their family members; under certain eligibility requirements.

In short, to be eligible for these services make sure your dues are paid; as well, become a member of a Lodge in California.The surest way to know if you are eligible for these services is by having an updated California Blue Lodge dues card, which also has the phone number for these services on it.It should also be mentioned that you must have been a member for at least five years before you can receive any benefits.She has since passed away; but it would have been a comfort to know that she could also have been eligible to stay at one of the two homes, or use the other available services, if it was needed. It is not a prevalent problem right now, but it may be in the future.A Mason must be aware of a few other eligibility issues as well. My age generation was discouraged from taking out STUDENT LOANS to pay for college; not so today.This online article will be kept brief; however, its intent is to inform Masons in the state of California about the services available to them and their families; and to highlight several of the most important issues I thought Masons should be aware of.

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