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The Inter Nations survey also found that in a country routinely ranked as ‘the happiest in the world’, many foreigners clearly feel that the famous Danish happiness applies only to the natives.Denmark was ranked 54th out of the 67 countries when it comes to expats’ ability to find personal happiness.“Denmark has been falling down the rankings quite steadily since the first Expat Insider survey in 2014 when it came second [in the survey's Family Life Index, ed.].

"Danes are very good friends, but they're most comfortable with deep, long-term friendships.

They don't always see the value in short-term acquaintances, which is why they may not be up for getting to know an expat who is only going to be in the country for two to three years," Mellish told The Local.

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According to Inter Nations, Taiwan holds first place in the Quality of Life and Personal Finance Indices, with the country performing particularly well with the quality and affordability of its healthcare and the financial situation of expats.

Although Denmark was the second best country for work-life balance and excelled in areas such as health and well being, the country was ranked just 50th out of 67 countries in the Inter Nations Expat Insider 2016 survey, released in full on Monday.

The Nordic countries all ranked in the bottom ten when expatriates, which is the term used in the survey, revealed how easy they had found it to settle in, with Denmark performing the worst in 65th place, Norway in 63rd, Sweden in 62nd, and Finland in 59th place.

Denmark’s ranking in the Family Life Index was in sharp contrast to its Nordic neighbours.

Finland ranked first, followed by Sweden at number five and Norway at number 6.

The 2016 November international window saw 37 international matches take place, with an additional seven international matches taking place outside the allocated three week window.

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