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Transmission does not have to occur in order for the person with HIV to be charged.

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The state’s attorney was unprepared to move forward with an evidence hearing Monday morning, and the case will continue November 13.

A Cicero police officer who is alleged to have had unprotected sex without disclosing to his partner that he was HIV-positive is facing up to seven years in prison on charges of criminal transmission of HIV, even though the man he had sex with says he did not contract the virus.

It is unclear whether the "undetectable" option was available on the website at the time that Savage created his profile.

The other man noted on his profile that he was HIV-negative.

Those people can still transmit HIV, but it is much less likely, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Savage, who had undetectable HIV levels in his blood at the time, had not disclosed anything about his HIV status in his profile, according to court records.Prosecutors in a number of states have argued that people who have HIV should know that there is a risk of passing it on and that they have a responsibility to inform their sexual partners of that risk. Justice Department earlier this year put out guidelines for states with HIV-specific criminal laws, suggesting elimination of the laws except in the case of sexual assault or when there is evidence that "clearly demonstrates" the person's intent was to transmit the virus.But critics say HIV is singled out when there are many other dangerous diseases that can be transmitted through unprotected sex, and that current laws don't take into account the advancements in treatment that can make people with HIV less contagious. Illinois' law was amended in 2012 so that prosecutors are now required to prove that a person intended to transmit HIV.Savage, 40, is accused of having unprotected sex with a then-24-year-old man he met on an Internet site in July 2012, according to court records.The Tribune is not naming the man, who requested anonymity because he is an alleged victim of a sex crime.Mark was preparing to meet with detectives in Chicago over allegations he failed to disclose his alleged HIV-positive status to a partner, but cops didn't want to wait for him to show up with his attorney so they sent in the Fugitive Apprehension Team to detain and jail him for 48 hours. Suddenly, there are two police officers asking for you. You’re held for 48 hours, and given limited access to your attorney. An Illinois appellate court judge in 2012 trashed them as well.

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