Dating heisey glass

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Our collection includes Heisey glass animals and vases from the late 1930s through the 1950s.

Enthusiasts of Heisey Glass formed the Heisey Collectors of America in 1971. The museum maintains a significant collection of Heisey glass.

Popular pattern names include Crystolite, Greek Key, Empress, Plantation, Ridgeleigh, Stanhope, Old Sandwich, and Yeoman, amongst dozens of others.

Heisey glass was produced in colors throughout the life of the factory, but the most prolific period of color manufacturing was from 1925 to 1938, when the most collectible colors were created.

This web site is designed to benefit club members but we welcome others to browse and learn about our passion for collecting Heisey glass.

The Great Plains Heisey Club was founded in October, 1999 by collectors of Heisey glass who wanted to expand their knowledge about Heisey glass.

Many rare and unusual items will be included in this fine auction!

The Great Plains Heisey Club received its charter at the Heisey Convention in June, 2000.

The company also made glass automobile headlights and Holophane Glassware lighting fixtures.

Heisey Company was formed in Newark, Ohio, in 1895 by A. Both pressed and blown glassware were made in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

The company went to great lengths to produce distinct colors, and Heisey glass may often be identified from the specific colors alone.

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