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It is partly self-taught, having played millions of games against itself after initial programming.

Ke Jie the 19-year-old Chinese world number one, anointed the program as the new 'Go god' after his defeat.

It is a feather in the cap for Google's parent company Alphabet's ambitions in the artificial intelligence arena, as it looks to woo Beijing to gain re-entry into the country.

Alpha Go beat Ke Jie taking an unassailable 2-0 lead in a best of three series being held at in the eastern Chinese water town of Wuzhen.

The victory over the world's top player, which many thought would take decades to achieve, comes after the AI program from Google's Deep Mind unit bested South Korean Go professional Lee Sedol in a similar exhibition match last year.'For the first 100 moves it was the closest we've ever seen anyone play against the Master version of Alpha Go,' Deep Mind CEO Demis Hassabis said in the post-game press conference.'Today's game was different from the first,' Ke said.

'Alpha Go made some moves which were opposite from my vision of how to maximize the possibility of winning.

I also thought I was very close to winning the game in the middle but maybe that's not what Alpha Go was thinking.

Google pulled its search engine from China seven years ago after it refused to self-censor internet searches, a requirement of the Chinese government.

It has since been rendered inaccessible behind the country's firewall, maintaining only a limited presence through a joint venture in the country.

After Alpha Go flattened Mr Lee, Mr Ke declared he would never lose to the machine.'Bring it on,' he said on China's Twitter-like Weibo, but he has tempered his bravado since then.

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