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Shapiro was found in Alcala’s apartment after someone who saw him pick up the child in his car had called authorities.

Unfortunately, Alcala had vanished, fleeing to New York City, where he lived for four years and attended film school until the law caught up with him on the Shapiro case.

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This week, those photos helped authorities add another name to his list: Christine Ruth Thornton of of San Antonio.

Those photos got into the hands of Thornton’s family in 2013, and Thornton’s sister recognized her sitting on a motorcycle in one photo.

In 2012, Alcala was convicted of two murders in New York State and sentenced to a long jail term.

Still, he remains jailed in California’s Corcoran State Prison.

In Alcala’s possessions when he was arrested was a large collection of photographs he’d taken of young women and men — some of whom were his victims, while most remained unidentified.

It’s always been suspected that in those unidentified models were some additional victims, cold cases waiting to be solved.When authorities confronted Alcala about the photo, he admitted to being the photographer, but refused to admit to her murder.Dan Erramouspe, an attorney from Wyoming connected to the Thornton case, told reporters that some of the things Alcala had said when they tried to confront him did potentially help tie him to Thornton’s murder.It took some time, but they finally connected the DNA from Thornton’s still-unidentified remains to that of her siblings.Thornton’s body has been recovered, and police are attempting to get as many viable DNA samples as they can obtain sent to the FBI to see if any of them connect to Alcala.Shapiro’s family had relocated to Mexico by then, and didn’t want Tali to testify in the trial, so Alcala was charged with only assault and was out on parole after 34 months.

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