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But if you didn’t then this is a good time to try and resolve any issues before they get worse.

If one or both of you reacted in an extreme way to confrontation, try and talk about it.

That might mean just going into a different room from your partner, or, as our Relationship Scientist Dr Gian Gonzaga says ‘go to sleep on an argument’. It’s important to pull all these strands apart in order to work out whether you overreacted to something your partner did, or whether you were justified in getting angry.

The time apart will give you both perspective on the situation and allow you to make better decisions about what happens next. Often when we argue, the thing we fight about isn’t actually the real cause of the argument.

What I am getting – through his actions and emotions – is that he does indeed love me, but I am not pushing him to formally acknowledge it yet.

The problem for me is this: in the past, he has fallen head over heels in love and gotten deep into relationships very quickly.

Each time, it has clouded his judgment, and he got stuck in rather dysfunctional relationships, which obviously didn’t work out.

He has been married once, and was in a long-term (five year) relationship with someone else.

The first argument you have in a new relationship is always a watershed moment, as it can reveal important character traits in your partner – and yourself – that you never knew existed.

If you both reacted in a mature and measured way, well done!

This is a very different situation for me, since the typical sign that someone is really into me is reflected in his wanting to call me / be with me fairly often.

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