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He calls in the parents, including Eddie's, to ask that they talk to their children about sex. ” The scene is comic and it struck me for two reasons.To help with the talk, he gives them a textbook that uses flowers and watering cans as confusing metaphors. First, I'm amazed that a primetime family sitcom is addressing date rape .

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The video spawns an epidemic of sexual harassment at the school with the boys doing their best to imitate all the examples that the video warned them against. Most of the girls having absolutely no idea what the boys are talking about and, it's made clear in one instance, the boys don't really understand either.

But the rampant, poorly done dirty-talk does make the school principal realize that his students know nothing about sex.

Freddie goes on after the other three decline, and becomes an instant success, but risks losing his friends. The Sweathogs return to school as 11th graders, except for Vinnie.

Julie goes into labor, and Woodman has to announce it over the school loudspeakers after Gabe threw him out of his classroom.

To be clear—date rape is the focus of the episode, “Persistent Romeo,” that aired last week.

Instead, the episode focuses on Eddie's continued efforts to fit in with the boys at his predominantly white middle school.

The boys are having a sleepover and, being adolescent boys, are excited about the prospect of looking through the “dirty magazine” of one of the hosting boy's older brother.

The “dirty magazine” that has them all excited is the swimsuit issue of a 1995 a dirty movie, but when they arrive one of the boys mistakes an instructional videotape about sexual harassment for an X-rated movie.

Over the last year, clown mask sales have spiked over 300 percent on the online costume retail store Halloween Express, according to The Wrap.

Television is in the grip of a true crime epidemic.

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