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Make Out in the Elevator Secretly making out in the elevator at work and then stopping the second you get to your floor is a fantasy everyone has, and you have the opportunity to make it happen. When you get to the point where you feel your relationship might take precedence over your career, then you can re-evaluate things.

I have a question, if there is a worker who is having a relationship with another worker in the same companyand they are keeping it very secret and very thing outside of the workplace, is there something wrong withthat situation?

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This is my reply: You ask if there's something wrong with having a secret relationship with a coworker?

Let me begin by saying that I'm not the one to decide right and wrong for anyone but myself.

Like that's going to stop anybody from doing it. For as long as there have been workplaces, there have been people surreptitiously hooking up at them.

If you're considering hooking up with someone you work with (even if "considering" = creepily staring at from across the room, completely unbeknownst to that person), I strongly advise you read these tips first.

One couple I know agreed up front to avoid "The Fade Out" method of breaking up, since they had to see each other every day at work. Your Career Comes First If you're wondering what behaviors are and aren't OK when in terms of hooking-up with a coworker, remember that your career has to come first. More from How About We:7 Tips for Dating in Your 30s and 40s Are You Dating Your Friend's Ex?

They agreed that the second either one wasn't feeling it anymore, they'd be upfront about it and the relationship would end, full stop: no unnecessary drama.8. Anything that might make you look unprofessional should be avoided at all costs, so don't engage in PDA, don't let your relationship become the center of office gossip, etc., etc. 4 Tips for Everyone Involved The Dating Wire: Dating Tips From Cory Matthews!

Be Wary of Keeping It "Secret""A few months after I had a brief, and I thought clandestine fling with a co-worker, my boss casually said to me: You weren't really fooling anyone.' I was mortified," one girl told me.

You might you're keeping your relationship completely secret, but there's no real way to ensure this.

' Cause if you're gonna do it, do it right.1.

Don't Treat Work as Extended Quality Time One of the great injustices of society is that most of us are expected to show up someplace 5 days a week and perform a task in exchange for money.

Tell your bosses/HR Representatives/whoever needs to know, and assure them that you'll continue to keep your work life as professional as possible.

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