lonely soul dating - Dating christian man expect

The main differences will be cultural expectations.You never know when you’ll find love – it often comes from the most surprising places.Here are eight things you need to consider when dating an older man.

Like all marriages there are problems that must be worked through but is not that different than being married to a non-Muslim.

A Catholic and a protestant would probably face equally as many religious bumps in their marriage.

Some men expect their wives to stop working once they are married or after they have children.

They will expect that you will serve guests traditional tea and tea cookies.

They are very particular about tea so for Moroccans, learning how to make proper Moroccan Mint tea (they have a mint tea ritual) is essential.

For most other Arab and North African's they just expect the regular Lipton but it must be loose tea as they have major opposition to tea bags.Make sure you keep an extra towel in the bathroom just for wiping water from the sink and floor because when they make wudu (clean for prayer or ablution) they will get water everywhere.Sometimes they will clean it themselves but usually they just leave it since their dry arid homelands do not experience the same level or mold and rot and the water dissipates faster.They will likely expect their wives to be more traditional housewives although this does not mean they will inherently have objections to their wives working outside the home but will often expect that they still take care of the home and provide the meals and care for children in addition to their jobs because they will view the home life as coming first and taking priority.When the relationship is with an Arab or North African Muslim there will be additional cultural expectations.Muslim men may ask their non-Muslim wives to dress more conservatively at least around their friends which will generally mean no cleavage, covering the legs and arms at least 3/4 of their length and preferably lose fitting clothes.

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