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If you are a guy looking for a great Dating Guide we'll give you the run down on the best-in-class.OR, if you are in a HURRY, simply check out our Men's Dating Book comparisons for a rapid overview.She raised tons of money for good causes with her speaking and writing.

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With the high unemployment rate and “men’s work” becoming harder to find than “women’s work” I almost wish it were true. Although these books are meant to make you laugh and chase away any blues, they’re also good study tools for anyone interested in the art and process of humor writing.

Not included are standup comedians who put their act and/or career trajectory into print form (but would make another great list) except for the last book since the author was a pioneer in the field of funny females.

Are you dating Russian, Ukrainian women from the countries of the former USSR? This information can save you thousands of dollars and months of wasted time and effort.

Elena Petrova, the former “mail order bride” from Russia, uncovers dirty tricks and traps of online relationships with Russian, Ukrainian girls, and how you can easily be scammed by unscrupulous players.

You want articles "about nothing" — Bombeck chronicled the performance of mundane tasks like shopping, doing laundry, and carpooling kids and magically made it all sound hilarious and occasionally heartrending.

"Never have more children than you have car windows" and "Housework, if you do it right, will kill you." If you're a reader, enjoy.

John Alexander, the author discussed in my How To Become An Alpha Male review, says that while most other dating books focus on WHAT to do to please the woman, the better approach is to concentrate instead on how to BECOME the man that women respond to.

People say that guys make better comedians than gals.

not the well-facialed boyfriend magnets who starred in Sex and the City. I love her even more because when husband Carl Bernstein (of All the President's Men fame) was cheating on her (with a mutual friend of theirs) while she had an infant son at home and was pregnant with their second child, Ms.

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