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Instead of yeast dough, the gingerbread bakers used a very special rye dough with honey and spices.

Such professional gingerbread bakers were so esteemed that they were provided separate sleeping quarters away from the lowly bakers of ordinary bread. Nuremberg had the largest supply of honey in Europe and its supply of spices arrived via Italy and the Far East.

Springerle cookies had their origins in southern Germany in the 14th Century.

Greco-Roman motifs blended with Germanic pagan mythology in the use of picture cakes to celebrate pagan riturals.

These Bronze Age arts gave mankind his earliest experience with molds for imprinting, decorating, and casting.

The finest pottery of the ancient world was crafted in Babylonia - even prior to 3000 B. Engraved stamps and cylinder seals of Babylonia had decorative designs or scenes of everyday life and were used to seal documents in freshy made clay containers. clay plaques were in abundance and used to impress negative images into honey cakes, medications, wax, clay, etc.

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