Dating an angry man

And let’s not forget the episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do?” that aired the other night where in a social experiment with actors playing an interracial couple in a small Utah town, many of the residents reacted to interracial dating like it was the Black Plague (no pun intended), to the point where two older white women shed tears at the thought of **gasp** races mixing. He’s been casted as the dark and dangerous villain in a production for which he didn’t even audition.I don't know if it is just the age difference that Flora dislikes, or Robin himself, but she goes out of her way to make herself unpleasant when he's around.

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As I've been divorced from Flora's father since she was five, it never occurred to me that she would mind whom I dated.

I have had only two other relationships since the divorce, one that lasted less than a few weeks, and another which ended after two years when he asked me to marry him and I realised I didn't want to.

She talks about stepping onto a bus and evaluating where she’s going to sit from her highest preference to be seated next to a white woman, but if that’s not an option she’ll sit beside a white man.

If there are no other seats available she can stomach sitting next to a black woman and god forbid in the event where she doesn’t want to stand she would have to muster up the courage to sit next to a black man.

I don’t even necessarily mean through more destructive behavior like substance abuse and domestic violence; sometimes the frustration alone can greatly contribute to a tense living situation that’s challenging for the whole family.

I can remember biting my tongue as a child and not approaching my father for at least an hour after work because he needed time to wind down after feeling the need to defend himself and his strong opinions on social issues when talking with his white colleagues.Either way, it's important she can express them to you and you can hear them.If she does decide to leave, and if her father and his younger wife are willing to have her, there is probably nothing you can do to stop her.If you can help Justine, email: [email protected] Your response may be published.There’s a scene in the movie “Spinning into Butter” in which Sarah Jessica Parker’s character comes to grips with what possibly may be her racist outlook on the world.It is her choice and she is coming to the age where she is responsible for her choices.

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