Dating a chronic pot smoker

I tried to over look it as we seemed to hit it off pretty well.Well since I only saw her once a week, I found out several weeks later how much of an addict she was.

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I just could not sit and watch her do this to herself.

She then finally decided to try to quit on Chantix and it lasted 2 months (boy were the side effects horrific!

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Bud, Mota, Herb, Reefer, Loud, Keyshia, Green, Tree, Kush, Chronic Sticky icky dates.Of course I knew that she did this years before she met me and I had no right to preach and make someone do something they did not want to do. I imagine if she smoked half a pack a day it would of been a lot easier to deal with, but if every time we went outside and at every 30 min incrament she had to light up, you can see how this was a problem for a non smoker dating her!Every place we would go eat the first thing she would ask is if there was outside seating so she could smoke.(seeing a loved one die due to smoking, spittin up blood, etc) I know it was wrong but I did push.I tried telling her what she was doing, bought books, printed out materials for her to read.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I am a non smoker who started dating a heavy smoker. I have had a very hard time dealing with this for some reason and feel it has changed me forever.

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