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The Nikon D810 costs only about 2100 US, the Sony A7R2 costs 3200 US or so still, if the EVF is so much cheaper than the decent quality OVF in the D810 class of cameras , then why is the Sony so much more expensive?

Are those Sony/ Olympus/Fuji fanatics do not feel cheated or shafted by those mirrorless makers they defend to death if, as they say, the EVF bodies are so much cheaper to build than the similar performing OVF bodies?

When you’re a monolithic tech entity like Google, it’s not surprising that you’ll build in a few redundancies.

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Contrary to the forum consensus Sony has lost about 5 percent of their market share since they fully moved to E mount main, when they reported their all time peak market share in the year end of 2012, they had about 14.1 percent of the market share. Canon, on the other hand, has invested so little money and gained about 14 percent of the market share in just last year alone.

I think until Canon seriously decides to disrupt their own EF mount D-SLRs with their version of the Sony A7R or Fuji X-T2, the mirrorless market share always stays very small-kind of irrelevant.

Some tech companies are even moving toward a strategy that may seem like a throwback: Getting people to put down their devices and meet in person.

You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.

Paying for a year of Amazon Prime gives you access to their massive library along with free two-day shipping and a bunch of other perks.

Sling TV doesn’t give you unlimited access to past shows, but you can watch many programs for at least a few days after they’ve aired.

The other, Date Spots, is designed to help people find the ideal locale for a first date by tapping Yelp’s database for restaurants or bars that fit their preferences.“You would never say, ‘I’d like to spend four months messaging someone.’” In January, Match released its “missed connections” feature, which allows users to see potential companions they’ve crossed paths with based on location data that they choose to share.“It gives you the ability to reach out to someone and say, ‘Hey, we shop at the same Whole Foods, we live in the same area and we like the same things.’ It gets back to figuring out ways that people can get a better sense of who you really are in the real world,” Ginsberg said.“When Match was making their apps, they were spending huge amounts of money,” said David Evans, an industry consultant.

“These days, you can get out of the gate so quickly.

The market share of the mirrorless cameras peaked in late 2013 with about 28.4 percent(of the entire ILC market) after the first A7 launch, but after that it has been gradually decreasing, and strangely enough no big media talks about it. I have been a mirrorless shooter since the first NEX5 and always believed the current form of so-called mirrorless would take over up to almost 90 percent of the entire ILC camera market and having written about that more than 90 times since April, 2012, but in reality it has never happened(yet).

If any of those mirrrorless fanatics were right, by now every D-SLR should have been all dead, or at least should have become an irrelevant player(super nitche products like Leica M). Well there are many reasons but I think the main reason is the price- most of mirrorless cameras do not seem to be a good value, they are way too expensive for what they can do especially as a whole system, and thay really do not look innovative or different enough to make those long time Canon or Nikon shooters with lots of CN glass / accessories to move to any of those so-called mirrorless systems......

I used to think it is really cheap to build the so-called mirrorless when I was on my second NEX7, but the average price of the decent mirrorless cameras with a great EVF have never come down, actually it seems going up not down.

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