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Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM ( this Instructable I will show you how to do the following:1. Repeat Step 1 to open Cydia again (though you probably already guessed that).3.Because the default repositories in Cydia already come with about 40,000 packages, you only have room for an additional 25,000.

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Update Applications If you've installed applications previously you may see a numbered notification next to the Changes menu.

This indicates that there are updates available for currently installed applications. Complete.* Press Close Window Now Macman is successfully installed, you should be able to hit your home key, wait for your homescreen to refresh, and a tempting new Macman icon will be waiting for you. Removing or Reinstalling Applications Ok, so now you have an application installed, but you don't really want to play it anymore.

The message also shows a couple more lines of errors but the first one really is the source of the problem.

In this post, we’ll explain what “the number of package names this APT is capable of” means, and most importantly, we’ll provide you with a quick and simple fix for it…downloads all of the package listings locally, and then APT consolidates them into a single efficient data structure that can be used even on memory-constrained devices to access the massive wad of packages later.” The problem is that this data structure is only capable of hosting a total of 65,535 packages.

To install an application:* Press Install [on the bottom]* Browse through categories to Games* Press Macman* Press Install on top right* Press Confirm to begin the download and installation You will see it run through a series of steps . Keep Awake - SBsettings toggle to keep your wifi on after your screen shuts off.

Math Typer - math icons added to your keyboardh Clipboard - copy and paste tool within your keyboard Insomania - leave your wifi on without having to keep your screen on, great for long downloads!

Reinstallation or updating of the Cydia app can be done manually and without the need to re-jailbreak a device.

To proceed with the update, you must first download the new package of Cydia onto your i Phone via Safari Download Manager: This document, titled "How To Update or Reinstall Cydia," is available under the Creative Commons license.

For our walkthrough I'll update the NES emulator I downloaded a couple of days ago. Removing it is as simple as a few taps:* Open Cydia again* Press Manage* Scroll and find Macman* Press Macman* Press Modify [top right of the screen]* Press Remove (you could reinstall if you were having issues with the application, like it wouldn't start)* Press Confirm to begin removing the app* Once you see Complete, press home and the Macman icon should be gone Categories - put your apps into folders, unlimited room now!

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