Current recordset d does not support updating locktype dts

I've tried unsuccessfully to recreate the problem and cannot.

current recordset d does not support updating locktype dts-34

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First thing that springs to mind is commitment control. Oracle / Access import problem via ODBCHowdy: To follow up on a problem with MS Access (2000) and Oracle 9i (9.2.0.x) - History: I am trying to import tables from my Oracle 9i database on Red Hat Linux 7.2 to MS Access (2000) on NT. Open Table Name, cn, , , ad Cmd Table ' all records For Each cl In Input Range With rs . The issue is if I execute the exact same select statement more than twice in a row I will no longer get results back.

Sounds like you're writing with Isolation Level other than *NONE but not committing your updates before quitting, resulting in an automatic rollback. I managed to turn on logging / debugging for ODBC connections and I got a few messages that I am unfamiliar with. For example using the following table CREATE TABLE EJWLIB.

I can connect via ODBC or ADO without SSL and perform a query.

"Drew Dekreon" Client Access SSL ADO/ODBC problem Here is a riddle: I can connect via Operations Manager SSL and perform a query.

I have tried this on a Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server.

- This would imply that this isn't a firewall/permissions problem - I am using V4R5M0 with the latest service pack.

When I did that, the updates didn't occur and audit history didn't write - which is what I'd expect when the connection is terminated. Update End With Next cl Set rs = Nothing Set cl = Nothing cn. if it's vb6 I suspect you need to add some ado libraries to yo...

I tried trapping messages in a job log but the CA programs all run under QUSER and we don't want to change that jobd. and 2) how to trap the output from the messages I've written into the CL so that I can find the problem? Close Set cn = Nothing End Sub Hi Drew We have added the library Microsoft Active X data objects 2.7 to the project but it still does not work. Client Access ODBC DB2 driver problem I'm working with IBM's Client Access ODBC Driver version 8. 5/8/2001 installed with Client Access Express V5R1M0.

I just get this error if I try to update a row/record that contains negative values and I can read this record, too (until I try to update it).

I get records, I can read the data in the recordset and I can update rows/records that don't contain negative values.

I can execute Select, Insert and Delete statements via the link without error.

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