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The baby (a boy) is safely delivered, but the doctor informs Johnny that his wife is "fading fast" (presumably dying of childbirth complications).Johnny then collapses to his knees and prays to God that his wife survives, even asking that his own life be taken instead of his wife's as long as she's okay.

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In the music video, it's revealed that Johnny's wife does indeed survive.

The song ends with a repeat of the opening line of the song: "Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin' when he was eight years old" leaving the listener with the impression that the cycle has begun to repeat itself. It shows 5 actors, playing Johnny, his dad, the girl, the robber & the doctor.

It reached number one on the Canadian country charts as well and it was also a successful pop song, reaching number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song tells the story of two young lovers dealing with difficult scenarios at three different stages in their lives.

When it comes to country music, divorce is anything but a taboo subject.

From classic groundbreakers to modern superstars, the genre's artists don't shy away from the messy details that come with married couples breaking up and breaking down.

Hayden Panettiere – Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again This emotional song marks the equally emotional ending of the first season of Nashville.

Sung by Panettiere, who plays Juliette Barnes in the show, the track is about moving on from pain and gaining strength from the experience.

The robber grabs the girl and tells Johnny to give in to his demands.

Johnny surrenders his money, wallet, credit cards, a watch that his grandfather gave him, and even his car keys so that the girl would be safe (in the music video, the crook's only seen running away with the wallet).

The song's second verse finds Johnny and the girl ten years later, now as teenagers--the two have since fallen in love and are now dating.

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