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Now, the evaluation of values in Variables, Watches, and other places can be done on demand.Simply click on them when needed, instead of having them evaluated automatically.

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The mode of logging to be used for "item detail" events related to the dashboard.

Item details events include "details" (representing a user clicking on the title of a single item to view the disclosure about that item) and "group" (representing a user clicking on the title of a grouped item to view the paged list of items within that group).

When the caret is placed on such parameter, the IDE offers a quick-fix to explicitly declare the inferred annotation.

Intelli J IDEA 2017.3 provides inspections and quick-fixes to make it even easier for you to migrate your JUnit 4 tests to JUnit 5.

Until that happens, this is the actual number of items shown in any panel for any user in any context.

The number of items that is shown in any disclosure in a grouped item in the "Recent Activity" panel.

i really don't need/want to know what other confluence users in my company are editing or adding to their private space.

Will there be an option to hide specific peoples spaces to not be provided with unneeded infos about his/her activity?

The mode of logging to be used for "preference" events related to the dashboard.

Preference events include "item", "dash.unstar.item", "item", "item", and "motd".

Noticed that when linking to a JIRA issue from Confluence, the 'updated field' in JIRA gets updated too, which a) is unexpected because it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with engineering work per se and b) derails the engineering flow completely because you can no longer trust the updated date field as a data-driven tracker.

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