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Whispers4u Disabled Dating Online About Us Whispers4u is a disabled dating site for disabled singles, men, women their friends and their partners who may be handicapped.

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All members’ application forms are examined by experienced volunteers to ensure that they are not previous members who have been banned, and are not lookist, sexist or racist, or only concerned with their own needs or instant gratification.

Outsiders runs events (see Events) and occasionally campaigns for the sexual freedom of disabled people.

We encourage members to write a profile which invites others into their lives by describing the type of partner they would ideally like.

Members are encouraged to describe their tastes an values and their experience of disability and life.

Whispers4u was founded in 2002 when all the major dating sites seemed to ignore the needs of disabled people - We started as a small business and have really grown into something unique that others are now trying to emulate.

We now have 22528 registered men and women looking for love, the majority of which have some form of disability.

Many have had unhappy experiences of online dating: advertisers not turning out to be what they seem in their adverts, often failing to turn up because they are really quite frightened, and thus seeming disrespectful.

Outsiders members have been carefully screened before they can join, and are soon booted out if they behave disrespectfully.

Members enjoy a wide range of opportunities in our totally secure, accessible and glamorous online Clubhouse.

Our Clubhouse allows members to ~ read about and contact each other privately.

We provide our members with a chance to meet up both online and at lunches and events.

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