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However, it is important to address such situations on a case-by-case basis to avoid gender discrimination claims.

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ABC Company welcomes the opportunity to hire and retain qualified employees who are related to one another by blood or marriage.

However, since such relationships sometimes can create problems in the workplace, including suspicions of favoritism if the related employees are in a supervisor-subordinate relationship, it is the policy of ABC that: The 2017 Federal Pro HR Library includes four books and online access to Employee Benefits — An Employer's Guide, Workplace Safety and Health Compliance Manual, An Employer's Guide to FMLA and ADA, Hiring Firing and Discipline Manual, Wages and Hours — An Employer's Guide and Employment Verification: Immigration, Form I-9, and E-Verify.

Therefore, nepotistic recruiting may be discriminatory where the current workforce is predominantly or exclusively of one race, religion or ethnic group.

Policies against nepotism Anti-nepotism policies prevent related individuals from working in the same company or department.

However, such situations can be troublesome if the family members are in a superior-subordinate relationship because: It sometimes happens that employees in a superior-subordinate relationship marry during the employment.

Employers generally allow both parties to remain with the company unless there is no open position to which one of the employees may be moved.

Note: follow the conflict of interest policy guidelines for your region or country as there are specific laws for each jurisdiction.

For example, if your employee's spouse or a family member works in the same industry that you operate in, they may share confidential information without realizing it.

All written, oral or informal requests for information about employees or former employees are referred immediately to the manager/administrator.

By establishing this policy for all reference requests, we ensure that any and all information we release is accurate, authorized and representative of the practice’s position.

However, many state laws prohibit employers from discriminating based on marital status.

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