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For the purposes of this post, we’re talking about full-time living on the road as it pertains to owning an RV or campervan vs.

those folks who tend to rent other types of accommodations (like couchsurfers, hostelers or those who rent short-term housing while traveling).

People pay big bucks to visit this little tourist town and stay in the hotels, it’s kind of like a scene out of Tombstone (which is about an hour north).

A month just outside of Loveland, Colorado, minutes from a cute small city and half an hour from Rocky Mountain National Park. You live at the foot of the Colorado Rockies, among elk and some of the best fishing you could ask for.

There are $5 / night spots in the middle of New Mexico and there are $65 / night resort parks, but in general most places run around $30 / night.

Discount clubs like Passport America and Good Sam can get you a few bucks off of some of these, but in general if you stay in a different park every night or two, you’d be looking at $900 / month.

Obviously your costs will vary, but this can give you a great idea of how to take your own expenses and compare them then to various average costs for campgrounds on the road.

Now let’s look at some real world examples of campground costs.This is by far the cheapest way to live that doesn’t involve being out in the middle of the desert and relying on a generator and the size of your various water tanks (though we’ll cover that in a moment).These are just various examples of actual places and their costs, as well as generally what comes with each one.Obviously the cost of a home, whether you’re renting or you own, can vary widely.I’ll use the average of real world examples from the past six houses I’ve owned or rented (between the years 2004 – 2007 and a couple of shorter stints since then) so that we’re looking at real numbers.Many people have written to me calling it all a bunch of BS.

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