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They allow visitors to meet with inmates at Dwight and Menard correctional centers and Tamms supermax prison.

Eventually IDOC hopes to make video visits available around the state.

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago We are grateful for our partnership with the Ann & Robert H. Their team provides key staff members to the CHAT program, as well as advice and guidance.

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Menard, for example, is located 376 miles south and west of Chicago. Besides the time and effort involved, physical visits can be costly for low-income family members.

There is also the uncertainty of actually being able to visit an inmate.

Recommendation: Roll out video visitation as soon as practicable at all state prisons.

Management of the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice should also consider video visitation so that youth can remain connected to their families.

But IDOC staff noted that the technology is simple and inexpensive.

“I would like to see (video visiting) in all the ATCs,” said Darryl Coleman, Regional Parole Supervisor.

The Child-centered Health & Advanced Therapies (CHAT) program provides comprehensive, bilingual developmental and behavioral health services that address the needs of underserved children and their families.

It coordinates child development services across departments and enables timely interventions for our young patients who are at risk for developmental delays.

On a recent visit by John Howard Association staff, two of the video cameras were in use. Karen Yarbrough (D-Broadview) was chatting with an obviously pleased Menard inmate. Yarbrough said video visiting will have to be revenue neutral, as the state’s financial crisis prohibits all but the most vital expenditures.

Yarbrough has long been interested in correctional issues. Managers at IDOC are considering out-sourcing the video visits to minimize costs.

Users might be asked to pay a small fee in exchange for an hour with an inmate.

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