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I'm sure it was difficult for them to balance protecting someone while also giving sufficient space for that person to b...

Stanford has one big graduation ceremony and then lots of little departmental ceremonies.

" data-credit="Getty Images" data-reactid="119"Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Clinton was named after the Joni Mitchell song, "Chelsea Morning," which was written in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York.

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Education was always Clinton's passion, and she excelled early on in school, even skipping the third grade.

After graduating from a private high school in Washington, D.

Now, after Tuesday, she may be First Daughter all over again.

Despite being the first First Daughter to have a third term in the White House, the younger Clinton remains a relatively private figure at the age of 36.

In Chelsea's case, she had to deal with a time during which former President Clinton was being impeached, which itself drew attention to Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs.

Ivanka Trump, too, is now facing a news cycle that see the specter of impeachment hovering over the White House, specifically because of the progress of the Department of Justice's Russia investigation.If you make a comparison between Chelsea Clinton's time as first daughter of the United States and Ivanka Trump's, you should first acknowledge one thing: There's practically no comparison to be made. Nothing proves that more than stacking up photos of Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton side by side.Pull up any number of pictures of Chelsea Clinton while her father, former President Bill Clinton, was in the White House, and you'll figure out a certain theme.The Secret Service took over a room in the house, and Chelsea's win...I was in her class ('01) and gained a lot of respect for the Secret Service.America watched her grow up throughout her father's eight-year presidency and she emerged from the scandal-plagued administration relatively unscathed, a private citizen who was once seen as having a political future herself.

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