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But in order to examine data, it has to be collected—from everyone.As the data-mining saying goes: To find a needle in a haystack, you first need to build a haystack.

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One of these programs is called Accumulo, and while there is no direct evidence that it is being used in the effort to monitor global communications, it was designed precisely for tagging billions of pieces of unorganized, disparate data.

The secretive agency's custom tool, which is based on Google programming, is actually open-source.

The NSA controversy began when Snowden revealed that the U. government was collecting the phone-metadata records of every Verizon customer—including millions of Americans.

At the request of the FBI, FISA Court judge Roger Vinson issued an order compelling the company to hand over its phone records.

Every collection platform or source of raw intelligence is given a name, called a Signals Intelligence Activity Designator (SIGAD), and a code name.

SIGAD US-984XN is better known by its code name: PRISM. officials say this tactic helped snare Khalid Ouazzani, a naturalized U. citizen who the FBI claimed was plotting to blow up the New York Stock Exchange.This is a legal safeguard—FBI agents review the request to ensure no U. (Many communications companies have denied they open their servers to the NSA; federal officials claim they cooperate.As of press time, it's not clear who is correct.) The NSA then passes relevant information to the government agency that requested it.PRISM involves the collection of digital photos, stored data, file transfers, emails, chats, videos, and video conferencing from nine Internet companies. Ouazzani was in contact with a known extremist in Yemen, which brought him to the attention of the NSA.It identified Ouazzani as a possible conspirator and gave the information to the FBI, which "went up on the electronic surveillance and identified his coconspirators," according to congressional testimony by FBI deputy director Sean Joyce.This year a company called Sqrrl commercialized it and hopes the healthcare and finance industries will use it to manage their own big-data sets.

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