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I constantly get reported to Facebook for the pictures I have on there, and have even been shut out of my accounts a time or two for “inappropriate content,” which was actually nothing more than ethically-harvested animals.

Then you get people threatening the lives of other humans with post and messages like this, but with no consequences and it is rather mind blowing.

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And as we have seen so many times before, a few anti-hunters push the envelope way too far, and quite frankly I don’t understand how they are not justifiably punished for it.

I run a few social media pages of my own, strictly posting about hunting, fishing, and outdoor material.

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This market is vast and we think that we know it pretty well.

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When someone like this sees something they don’t understand, like or agree with they throw a tantrum and say things like, “I’ll kill you…” Makes me even more #proudtobeahunter PS, don’t worry I’m not “down” from receiving messages like this. I post it to educate and hold people accountable that break the law by making on-line death threats. I am sure they will have a new appreciation and show a little more understanding and respect to our side once they witness the outdoors and fruits of a hunt in person.

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But Cam, like he and so many others in our industry have, handles the situation with class, and has a message that I think says a lot. For those that don’t know, for a hunter the kill is not the true reward, it’s the pursuit and the journey.

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