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William attended Prospect High School in Mount Prospect and Goodman Theater School of Drama of the Art Institute of Chicago.Regarding his Ethnicity, he is white and holds American Nationality. NMLS #: 201542, Kash Hovey, Rachael Rumancek, Severin Films, The History Pictures, I Love Science, I Love The Obamas, Fear Awards, Rosa Costanza, Cyrielle Giraud Make-up artist, Hidden Mickeys, Pop, Ghostly Horror Entertainment, Real Horror, Terror , Horror and Fantasy's, Unusual Horror, Horror Mania, Horror, Horror-Con, Horror Family, Infamous Horror, Horror Movies, Westgate Films, LLC, GHOST HOUSE Pictures, Deadline Hollywood, Health Markets Insurance - James M Larson, Moi Moi, Lake Chelan series, Anne Apra Events: Catering & Event Production, Pantheism, Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons, LPUK Joe Jenkins, I'm Too Fat for This Show, Shane Smith, In Liberals We Trust, TWIT - The Week In Trump, Americans Against The Republican Party, One More Drink, Michael Mc Adam, U. Democratic Socialists, Author PA, Enact Universal Healthcare for California, The Raw Story, Downtown Frame Shop, Colaborator, Proud Liberals, Truth Examiner, FASH Film Festival, Noel Jason Scott, Sam Stiglitz - Audition Pro, Red Mouse Pictures, Westside Film Festival, Grindhouse Planet, Jada & Jon, Spire Health Club, Benny Bereal This Is Me, Game Rant, Creepy/Cool Pictures, Bohemian Industries, NOLA Horror Film Fest, David William No 데이빗 노 - public, Science Alert, The London Crypt, Elite Expo Talent Agency, Film Quest, Penny Peyser's Page, Film Fest La, Mia's Cuisine Catering, UPROXX News, Rare Media, Bright Side, Berning Hearts Club, Bernie Sanders, We Farm, Two-Headed Snake Entertainment, Allegentsia Productions, Lightspeed LA, Cassandra Nuss, PLAG Presents, Geneva Dance Events, The Big House Los Angeles Entertainment Festival, Emma Dark, Dating Sucks La, Blumhouse,, Broken Crow Amplification, Shortlands Film Competition, Nude & Ginger, Enduring Heroes, i Horror, Andrew Gant - Director, We Are Indie Horror, Ryan Turek, Brick Sandwiches Podcast, KING SOCIAL, Britain Simons, LIP Content, Owl Street Creative, Barcsay Photography, Save the Dawn of the Dead Bridge, Bianca Bonciu, Stu Needman, Indie, Wewalka, Breezeway Productions, Art for a Cure-Raise for Ryan, Screamfest Horror Film Festival, Mikesbutt, Horror Freak News, Not My Mess, Curate L.

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"A co-production with After Dark Films, '51,' co-starring John Shea, chronicles what happens after political pressure from the American public forces the Air Force to allow a few well-known reporters limited access to the most secretive base on the planet: Area 51, the rumored repository of captured alien technology and extra-terrestrial beings," Syfy said in a news release.

William appeared in films including as well as played a major role in the different audio dramatization.

Moving towards his personal life, Bruce had several affairs and also married with three beautiful young ladies.

They were married in an intimate ceremony in Kapolei on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Edit Bruce earns the tremendous amount of money during his active career time.

His devotion and eager got his opportunities to cast in TV series Mary Tyler Moore which was loved by numerous people.

Edit Bruce William Boxleitner married to Kathryn Holcomb who is well-known American actress.

Bruce William Boxleitner is an American actor also well-known as science fiction and suspense writer born in Elgin, Illinois.

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