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The little time I was in the military completely upended my life.

Still, I do not want to explain that to fellows who see their own experiences as fundamentally more authentic than mine.

Cher Durham, of the Solace Center at Interact that helps victims of sexual crimes, says the campaign is helping to break the silence that's often linked to sexual misconduct.

These findings suggest that the experience and consequences of DDA may be particularly detrimental for girls.

Many groups to which I am supposed to belong should command my allegiance. For instance, I find it tiring to be around veterans who get self-righteous about the fact that I spent very little time in the Reserves.

"We need to believe victims, we need to support them to their path to healing to becoming survivors, we need to say, 'this is not okay,'" Cher Durham said.

Digital dating abuse (DDA) behaviors include the use of digital media to monitor, control, threaten, harass, pressure, or coerce a dating partner.

In this study, 703 high school students reported on the frequency of DDA victimization, whether they were upset by these incidents, and how they responded.

Results suggest that although both girls and boys experienced DDA at similar rates of frequency (with the exception of sexual coercion), girls reported that they were more upset by these behaviors.

But she says there are ways to gauge the credibility of sexual harassment or assault accusations.

"When there's multiple accusers, and they have similar stories, from all over the country, it's probably true," Essary said.

Three months later, Ewinger and the woman stopped seeing each other.

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