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Tex Avery and Chuck Jones had a 'wabbit' character in their portfolio, but deemed him "too cute" to use, until Givens gave him a redesign that became the character we all know and love, as seen here in his debut, 'A Wild Hare':, and continued to work in animation until the very early 2000s, after which he gave speeches to students.

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When the camera switches to show Ruth as seen through the binoculars, the rolling motion completely disappears.

See more » No one will ever say that The Girl from Jones Beach is any kind of masterpiece film, but it did provide Ronald Reagan one of the few opportunities to demonstrate a flair for comedy.

Ruth changes her tune, however, when a published photo of her in a swimsuit causes her to be fired by the uptight schoolboard.

She sues for reinstatement and in the process learns that swimsuits and sex appeal do have a place in her world, after all.

It looked like the cast was having a good time filming this thing and the results are positive.

Rickie Lee Jones (born November 8, 1954) is an American vocalist, musician, songwriter, producer, actress and narrator.

Here's where some comparisons to the Warner Brothers Marion Davies film Page Miss Glory can be made. Of course Mayo is a school teacher who's not particularly interested in having a career exposing her body to the leering male population. Another reviewer said that this would be interesting as a horror film remake. He tries to woo Mayo by pretending to be an immigrant taking a night school class she runs for prospective citizenship applicants.

Actually there was such a film made that starred Lilli Palmer, The House That Dripped Blood. His mittel-europa accent that he puts on is no worse than Rock Hudson's Texan speech in Pillow Talk.

See full summary » Struggling to retain custody of his daughter following his divorce, football coach Steve Williams finds himself embroiled in a recruiting scandal at the tiny Catholic college he is trying ...

See full summary » Glamour artist Bob Randolph is world famous for his paintings of a stunning beauty dubbed "The Randolph Girl".

Mimi has tried everything to become the bride to Alan, but he chooses Elizabeth instead.

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