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(It’s easier to blame something else for our lack of success, which is why so many people live like this, thinking that they power over their life isn’t in their hands. That is, rather than simply working on whatever for the sake of working on whatever, I sit and think about what the best thing I can be working on is.

In every case, on every income level, poverty level geographic location, there is a success story, there is PROOF that no matter where you are, you can rise above…… When I don’t do this daily exercise I find myself dwelling on the things that aren’t great in my life, and even that’s a choice and a matter of perception. The problem for many lies is working on useless stuff, but for others it’s found in thinking too much and never working at all. (Clarity is a simple solution to a lack of focus and direction. You won’t find clarity amidst the rat race, you need to break from from the routine, get out in nature, do some soul-searching, and create your way – don’t FIND IT.

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There’s no growth in spending your life in the known, the value is in the unknown, beyond your zones of comfort and even beyond your current grasp. It will require you to work harder, be smarter, and live larger.

With thousands of online dating sites available, spend some time researching your options to find the best online dating service for your safety, security and success.

(Happy people have decided to live life on their terms.

They have made a choice to be happy, to smile, to see the good even in the bad.

They allow us to take it easy, “to take plays off”, days off.

Rid your life of excuses if you want to live the life you’re capable of living.

Thanks to the internet and Google, it is easy to gain a vast amount of information about almost anything.

If you are interested in a particular dating service, it might be a good idea to Google it to see what other users may have to say about the services.

When you listen to the people that want to feel sorry for you, you give yourself a way out, devoid of work and sacrifice and persistence, where mediocrity and failure are sure to be your companions.

There is no value in daring to do only what you know you can do.

And even if there wasn’t, the man who’s going to live a grand life would set out to CREATE said proof. Take the time and make the effort to be thankful for something, your health, fresh air, life, the laugh you had with a pal last night, the smile that a babe sent your way on the street yesterday. It’s important to identify these things daily, and they always exist. Think, spend lots of time thinking, but don’t think so much that you never act. Take a day every month to figure out where you want to be and if you’re on the right path. It’s tough to get out of those things we think are important, the tasks and to do’s, but it’s vital to both your health and your degree of happiness in life to figure this stuff out.

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