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See also: Source: link currently broken by search feature bug in official forums This change was implemented after the latest revision of the patch notes was made available for inclusion into the 1.12.1 patch binary.

It will be documented in a future revision however.

' I already have my regular/epic mount and I know how to ride it. ' Blizzard has suggested that you are going to be transitioned over with no additional cost. According to , Rank 11 mounts, and the AV faction mounts should only require apprentice level riding skill.

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Therefore, in theory under the current system, an Orc could own a Swift Orange Raptor*, but would be unable to ride it unless that Orc had Riding (Raptor).

' But I thought you said that you could only purchase cross-race mounts if you were exalted? However, all standard mounts (non-Pv P, non-drop) are Bo U, or Bind on Use. Under this system, an Orc could give his Troll friend 1000g (undiscounted), the Troll would buy the mount, and then trade that mount back to the Orc.

The tooltip for Mechanostriders, for example, says only Dwarves and Gnomes can ride them.

Therefore, even if you could get a mount cross-faction, you couldn't use it. ' Cynical view: someone at Blizzard chose the wrong color Kodo and was too lazy to spend 800g on a new one. Further information on Hay Ker Productions can be found .

Source: link currently broken by search feature bug in official forums In light of the recent changes to the mounts and the surrounding hysteria therein, I have written this F. Instead of paying 80g for a regular mount (undiscounted) and 20g (undiscounted) to learn riding for that mount, you will pay 20g for a regular mount and 80g to learn the riding skill. You cannot learn the riding skill of another race or buy that races’s mount unless you are exalted with that race.

Instead of paying 1000g for an epic mount (undiscounted), you will pay 100g (undiscounted) for the epic mount and 1000g (undiscounted) for the riding skill. This is how Blizzard restricted cross-racial mounts.

' I have a special mount, such as the ZG raptor or tiger. If I do not level her to 40 by this patch, I will be forced to pay another 72g (honored, no Pv P discount) to learn to ride it. ' Anyone who wants a mount of a different color.

If you’re sick of your Frostsaber, you can spend 100g (undiscounted) to buy a Mistsaber. In addition, if you already have gotten the reputation for a cross race epic mount, but have not yet bought one AND you already have your same-race epic mount, your new cross-race epic mount will only cost you 100g (undiscounted) instead of 1000g (undiscounted). ' What about cross-race mounts' At the moment, as I described above, standard mounts are Bo U.

The executable files below are part of Shine Wo W Version Shine Wo W Version is an application offered by the software company Hay Ker Productions. This can be hard because performing this by hand takes some skill related to Windows program uninstallation.

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