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But the problem there is that they speak little English. But in return they consider it their duty as part of their culture to really take care of their man. It is their joy and utmost desire to make passionate love with you, not just give you quick sex.

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Various regions in the Philippines have their own specialties in food, handicrafts, and the like.

These are promoted to local tourists via the pasalubong custom.

Thailand: Much has been said and written about the beauty of Thai women. In my vist to Bangkok, I marveled at the number of really striking young girls in their late teens or very early twenties.

But it was curious to see how few beautiful women in their mid twenties and older were around.

In Visayan languages, pasalubong is also referred to as tinabuan in Cebuano and sinugatan in Hiligaynon. things that cannot be acquired locally), the person coming home can also share part of his travels.

Both of which have the same meanings as the Tagalog word. It similar to the western concept of souvenirs except that it is not meant for personal remembrance but for sharing the experience with others, especially as the different islands and regions of the Philippines can have different languages, local customs, and cuisine specialties.

Japan: I like Japanese girls because, for one thing, I love the Japanese culture. Physically, I find Japanese girls not nearly as pretty as girls from China, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. Best of all, they can be really passionate in the sack.

In general you won’t find a better or more exciting bed partner.

Those of us who have been to Asia enjoy friendly banter over where the prettiest girls are.

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