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AMC has exclusive licensing agreements with Netflix for a number of its original series, the article notes.

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I have since found out a lot more about them and they also appear in two stories on your website - one about the windmill and one by Pamela Hayward who remembered the sisters.

I will put my updated information onto the messages page but I was wondering whether you have any contact details for Pamela.

I suspect the others were Margaret Harrison and Rose Alice Matthews who was a widow.

I am looking for any further information regarding the Harrison sisters who lived in Salthouse for many years, in a bungalow by the church now called Mill Ridge.If so, could you let her have my details so that she could reply to me if she wanted to.I just wanted to find out a bit more about the sisters. Certainly one was called Ellen as the bungalow by the church is recorded in her probate.He died in 1938, and Dorothy continued running the pub until 1957.She only had one child, my grandfather, also called Samuel, who was captured in north Africa in the second world war and made a prisoner of war in Italy and then Germany. She then lived in that row of cottages by the bridge on Bridge Road.A new study provides an apparent explanation for recent ratings declines at Nickelodeon — and it has implications for traditional television as a whole, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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