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Our results were published in PLOS One in November 2013.We seem to have evolved some chemical patterns to whom we love.At its worst it leads to depression, suicide and even murder.

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And when the lover can't win the beloved, or gets dumped, they experience withdrawals and relapse. My brain scanning partners, Lucy Brown, Art Aron and Bianca Acevedo, and I have now scanned over 75 people who have fallen in love.

For drug addicts, drugs are the center of their lives. In our first major study, however, we scanned 17 young men and women who had just fallen madly and happily in love.

And they are taking their time to look for the right person. Moreover, today we are seeing the economic rise of women; and everywhere in the world where women work outside the home and bring home money, both sexes are less dependent on one another so that bad marriages can end. With less infant mortality and a host of medical innovations, more people will also have a long healthy middle age — with more time to find and keep love.

Yes, we found specific patterns of brain activity among those who were in love long-term.

Very briefly: But no one expresses just one set of these traits; we all express all of them, but each of us expresses some more than others.

My questionnaire has now been taken by over 13 million people in 40 countries, and I and my colleagues have now done two brain scanning experiments (f MRI) to prove that those who score high on specific questionnaire scales actually are activating the appropriate brain regions or systems.

And when things are going badly, you often lose sleep and don't eat or over eat.

People who are in love crave their drug, the beloved; they distort reality, experience personality changes, do dangerous and sometimes inappropriate things and obsessively think about their sweetheart — the center of their world. The song "Can't Get You Out of My Head" tells the whole story.

These men and women had been married an average of 21years — yet they showed some of the same basic activity in the reward system that we had found in those who were newly in love — with one exception.

Those who had just fallen in love showed activity in a brain region associated with anxiety; while in our long term lovers, this anxiety was replaced with activity in brain regions linked with calm and pain suppression. If you are sexually attracted to a person you met at a party and are rejected, you don't tend to slip into a clinical depression or kill yourself.

That is not true of other addictions, such as gambling or substance abuse.

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