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Over two decades since its release, Pretty Woman is finally getting a musical adaptation!Although news about the musical hit earlier this year, additional details are just starting to roll out.

The musical is set to premiere in Chicago on March 13, 2018, and it will head to Broadway later that Fall. Starring as Vivian Ward is Samantha Barks, and Edward Lewis will be portrayed by Steve Kazee.

The musical will be directed by Jerry Mitchell, who previously worked on the Legally Blonde stage adaptation and Kinky Boots.

The print is sweet, but between the halter neck that bares Huffine's shoulders and the button-skirt detail, there's enough skin to make the look feel just the right amount of sexy.

She gives it a modern spin with her strappy blue sandals, a messy side-braid and a bright pop of color on the lips.

Granted, this was a hypothetical Starbucks, a hypothetical phone, and a hypothetical pickup -- I was with a group of girlfriends and 150 strangers who paid to come take part in a town hall-style conversation about love and dating (naturally, as someone who writes about relationships, when an event called the Great Love Debate makes a tour stop in my town, I'm going to that), and the two volunteers were improvising the situation onstage.

Instead of trying to impress her, why didn't he just to her? More than anything, it seems, we want to communicate -- to connect.

I am apparently not alone in wanting to copy that 'fit, as supermodel Candice Huffine attended the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Saturday in her updated version of Roberts' iconic outfit.

Huffine's "Pretty Woman" moment comes courtesy of Diane von Furstenberg.

No spinning bow ties "It's a real turn-off when I can tell a guy is really trying to make me laugh. Even a bad joke can be quite cute if it seems like it's spontaneous." Don't overdo it If you're not getting a reaction, don't plough on like some kind of awful comedy Energizer bunny.

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