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All text for the Quilt-Specific Colors written by Amanda Sikarskie. If the 1870s and 1880s were “the brown years,” the 1920s could be called the pink years.

Butterscotch fabrics often date to the middle of the nineteenth century and were frequently used as a background for a pieced pattern.

Bubblegum pinks were used in solids as well as prints.

The Kelly Gallery featured more than 30 quilts and included in-depth discussions on each of the variations shown, with an additional 50 quilts artfully displayed throughout the historic house museum.

Like, antimony or chrome orange, chrome greens and yellows were popular in the period from about 1860 to 1880 and were produced, often in the home, from highly toxic chemical dye powders.

Rich chocolate brown (think the color of a milk chocolate bar, hence the alternate name ‘Hershey’ brown) was often paired with white in quilts.

In fact, that segment of the Victorian period is often referred to as “the brown years” because of the prominence of browns in paints and fabrics.Packwood House Museum is fortunate to be the home of one of the area’s best collections of antique Pennsylvania quilts.Thanks to the foresight of Museum founder Edith Fetherston and local collector Robert Glover Shoemaker, the Museum hosts over 250 unique and colorful antique quilts, most of them dating from the mid-19th to the early-20th centuries. Chrome orange, or antimony, was commonly used in appliqué, especially in Pennsylvania, from about 1860 to 1880. Butterscotch prints are often small, with the motifs closely packed together.Indigo continued to be common in cotton fabrics through the Edwardian period.

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