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Not technically a genre in its own right, it was, and in some places still is, a popular radio format.

Music classed as MOR is broadly popular in outlook, but not cutting edge; it is generally strongly melodic and frequently uses vocal harmony techniques and arrangements involving orchestral instruments.

It is non-toxic unlike bronze powdersa quotation from a Latin rhyme, mi contra fa, diabolus est in musica, (mi against fa is the devil in music), which, in counterpoint, refers to the tritone, an awkward interval that notes bearing these two solmization syllables produce, when they occur consecutively, usually as a 'false relation' in different partsphotographic "microcopies" of images which can be read using an enlarging machine.

The two main types of microform are Microfiche, transparent rectangular sheets, and Microfilm, reels of transparent film.

Such music is rarely (if ever) aggressive or abrasivea classically trained female voice has up to three registers, the chest voice, middle voice and head voice, each characterised by a different tone quality and distinct sensations felt by the singer when she is singing1/196608 part of an octave.

This divides the 12-t ET semitone into 214 = 16384 parts which resolution makes sufficiently accurate tuning of electronic instruments possible. There are other MIDI tuning units which differ per manufacturer, for example Yamaha has models tuned in 1/768 or 1/1024 parts of an octave.

As a result there are a few different disciplines, only loosely inter-related, all of which may fall into the category 'microtonality'.

These include:the practice of simply adding pitches to 12-note equal temperament (most often through microtonal equal temperaments such as 24-note ('quarter-tones'), 36-note ('sixth-tones'), 48-note, 72-note, 96-note, etc.)one form of microtonal notation was developed by Rauf Yekta Bey (1871-1935), Turkish musician, musicologist and writer on music, who produced the first modern account of Turkish classical music available in a Western language (La Musique turque.

It is preceded by Old High German and followed by Early New High German.

In some older scholarship, the term covers a longer period, going up to 1500or MOR, a broad term encompassing a number of musical styles.

the most general, inclusive - and most common-usage of the term microtonal is its application to any music that makes use of intervals other than the traditional intervals of 12-note equal temperament (with its multiples of 100 cent semitones and 200 cent whole tones), which has been the standard tuning for Western music since the mid-nineteenth century.

considering this second, more general application, we can easily see that there are a variety of artistic, theoretical and philosophical channels through which musicians may be drawn to those 'other intervals'.

They presuppose a Pythagorean division of the octave taking the Pythagorean comma (about an 8th of the tempered tone, actually closer to 24 cents, defined as the difference between 7 octaves and 5 just-intonation 5ths) as the basic interval.

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