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“It was a turning point for me,” Sorenstam told Golf “It’s one of the highlights of my career.” When she makes public appearances today, Sorenstam, 42, is asked more about missing the cut at Colonial than any other aspect of her Hall of Fame career.

“When we met, Annika apologized for bringing us into this,” Barber said. I made more money in endorsements because of that pairing than I made the rest of my career.” Barber played one more year on the PGA Tour after being paired with Sorenstam.

Today, he’s a financial planner for Ascend Advisory Group. Wilson lost his PGA Tour and Tour status but is still working to make his way back.

I think people connected with it because they could see themselves, that if they wanted to achieve something, they have to face their fears and take the opportunities that are there for them.” Colonial was Sorenstam’s Mount Everest.

In that respect, even as a missed cut, it was a conquest, but not in the way you might think. Sorenstam says it was about climbing beyond what she dreamed possible. 1 for a while, and I was looking for ways to get better because I knew inside I could get better,” Sorenstam said.

If Sorenstam flopped, it would be a black eye for the entire women’s game. It was something no other woman had done in 58 years.

Looking back today, Sorenstam said she expected some push-back. I think when there is something new, some people will embrace it, some people will question it, and that’s what happened with some of the players. Her confidence was high, and I thought what she was doing for the sport of golf and for women was absolutely incredible.

Sorenstam said Barber and Wilson became like brothers to her in those two days. Looking back today, Barber says Sorenstam’s motivation was misconstrued.

They could still feel the bond when they were recently reunited at Colonial to film a Golf Channel special commemorating the 10-year anniversary. “Everything was so misunderstood right away,” Barber said. I think the people who didn’t rush to judgment and stood back and listened to what she was saying, they understood she was playing for the right reasons.

Courtesy of Alfred Angelo Fergie wasn't the only celebrity to get married this past weekend.

International pro women's golfer Annika Sörenstam tied the knot on Saturday to fiancé Mike Mc Gee at Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida.

“Her quest puts the LPGA in a tough spot,” American tour pro Angela Stanford wrote in a first-person piece in Sports Illustrated at the time.

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