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ediately, Rucker found himself surrounded by fine artists of the New Orleans area, like Knute Heldner and Clarence Millet, two of his earliest influences.

At the age of seventeen, he developed polio, an event that ironically became a blessing rather than a handicap.

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Great seeing you and looking forward to that wedding invite (laugh).

The new couple arrived together and hit the red carpet together. Was glad to see him in Tyler Perry's Movie and his and Jill's storyline made the movie for me. And I feel great, but what I didn't realize at the time, no matter the weight loss, I was still who I was if you get me. I found someone to work on in the meantime, and that's me.[/quote] Congrats Andrea on your weight loss. You have a great attitude for moving forward and that someone you waiting for.

  Rucker�s most famous subject is perhaps the steamboat. He earned a Master of Laws degree in the judicial process from the University of Virginia Law School in 1998.

His love of them came from his family, having two grandfathers who were steamboat captains.   Justice Rucker served as a Judge on the Indiana Court of Appeals, having been appointed to that position in 1991 by Indiana Governor Evan Bayh.

Lamman: Right, that’s what peace and power is about. It wasn’t about being insecure about a lot of different things. Lamman and I created a strong foundation of friendship, so when we went our separate ways, we weren’t left with feelings of bitterness and anger. Hey BMWK Fam–What do you think makes a strong relationship foundation?

Hopefully, it was something that moving forward you could say that was a good example of someone I spent some good times with and we were good to each other as opposed to people who go through life and damage each other. I tease you, but I have nothing but good things to say about you. People that are in touch with God, people who have that light, are also very attractive to me. Remembering our time together reminds me to never abandon the basics of dating.Robert later moved to Jacksonville, Florida and transferred to the University of North Florida where he received his B. In 1995, Robert moved New York to attend graduate School at Manhattan School of Music.After graduation, Robert began to teach music in New York and New Jersey Public Schools.And Jill thought she was slick chit chatting it up on her cell phone all the way from the red carpet to her seat--avoiding everybody's questions about her and Lamman. Rucker slid his hand around Jill's waist prior to them walking in after Jill's performance. HE IS NOT WITH JILL SCOTT THERE IS NO WAY HE WOULD GO FOR A WOMAN LIKE THAT, SHE JUST MAKING HIM LOOK BETTER FOR HIS UPCOMING CAREER AND WHAT NOT. Humph, GOD already working on that for you sister....And y'all know the two weren't trying to hide their affection all night. I thought it was a good match in "Why Did I Get Married" and now that it's a reality, it's even more beautiful. GO on now which ya bad self :) I'm so happy for Jill. If he's anything like he was in the movie, he's all that. Sybil Barkley-Staples Author, Candy for My Soul & She'll Learn I think Jill is hella fly, but I agree, her hair could, and has, looked ALOT better. We communicated effectively and enjoyed each other’s company.

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