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Hore is one many Albertans that is part of a male-skewed workforce, as shown by the latest census results.The data, released Tuesday by Statistics Canada, revealed Alberta to be the only province where men outnumber women. That trend is most pronounced in the working age group, 15-64, which is 50.6 per cent male versus 49.4 per cent female, and almost identical in Edmonton (50.4 versus 49.5).

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Career wise, I am a Web Developer/Analyst for a giant national auto company based out of their Edmonton Head Office Marketing Department. Im living in the city but hopefully will return to the country style when time will right by god.

A few things to know about me: - Will not date 7th Day Adventists, Mormons, Catholics, Muslims, or Atheists. I am looking for someone else who can share this family with God's word and have fun with family.

I hope that you like a balance between choruses and hymns, that is my preference.

God bless you richly, and I look forward to seeing if God brings us together!

In Fort Mc Murray, 55 per cent of the workforce is men.

But how are the numbers affecting people’s love lives?

I am not totally shy, I just love to spend my time alone,find serene places in solitude like libraries and parks. Am very hard working and passionate in all l put my mind to.

If I could find a nice and attractive girl who would be willing to have a quiet,compassionate,and loving relationship, I would be much happier. I love my God and would be happy to meet a person that loves God. Am hoping to meet a great guy someone l can live my live with😴 grow spiritually together am not looking for Mr perfect. I am first and foremost a Christian and I am actively seeking out a woman who is solid in her faith.

Abel has 60 female clients who she sets up on dates with a rotating roster of 20 about men.

She said the focus in the area is often on earning money, and dating becomes less of a priority.

I enjoy the outdoors and love to go hunting and fishing, I am very self sufficient and if it's broke, I'll fix it. My name is Abbey and I recently just turned 18 on Valentine’s Day 2018!

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