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Clearly afraid he has killed himself, a frantic Michelle writes to him, “Conrad please answer me right now please.” My Michelle Carter Archive contains the entire lengthy Facebook messaging exchange between Michelle and Conrad for October 10, 2012 (Public Record 77).

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Antidepressants can produce all the antisocial behaviors caused by the worst street drugs.

Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy were both victims of their psychiatric medications.

Conrad and Michelle sent almost 300 Facebook messages to each other from July 16 through September 5, 2012.

There was some teasing back and forth, but Conrad displayed no nastiness and did not torment Michelle.

Conrad’s father then obtained a restraining order against his mother. Conrad’s beating was bad enough to shock Michelle when she saw his picture posted on Snapchat.

The DA claimed the domestic abuse reports were irrelevant and asked the judge not to admit them into evidence. The texts between Michelle and Conrad about her concern for him display a common theme in their interactions—she is deeply concerned for him and he abusively rejects her (Public Record 76).

These messages and the texting shows Michelle as the DA’s Office never wanted you to see her—a young girl, just turned sixteen, who so wants to help Conrad, and who feels so guilty about his desperate condition, that she will endure an overwhelmingly oppressive and guilt-provoking relationship until she breaks down nearly two years later.

His parents’ divorce, his father physically attacking him, his anxiety and depression, and his prior suicide attempts—these and other environmental factors undoubtedly had a strong negative impact upon Conrad, and eventually influenced his committing suicide.

On October 10, 2012, Conrad abruptly announces, “uhhh stayed in hospital last week.” Michelle asks, “…why” and Conrad replies, “because I’m weak and sensitive and not sure why you even liked me in the first place.” This series of messages continues, on and off, from pm to pm, with Michelle trying to change Conrad’s mind about killing himself.

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