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As Jess lifted herself off her hands and knelt upright, Collin's prick, first bent and then flicked out of her cunt, leaving a globule of jism on her clit.David, taking hold of his mother's arm guided her across the room and laying her down, he positioned his mother's mouth beneath her daughter's cunt.

You will not fuck any of my holes until you can drink my piss without spilling a drop! " As Jess picked up one of her slippers she began to spank her father's arse, her only thought was to buy a paddle so she could cause her father even more pain.

However, Collin's hard prick was held between Jess's thighs and rubbed on his daughter's legs with each whack of Jess's slipper.

As dawn broke, Jess stirred and slid off the bed, positioning her cunt directly over her father's mouth.

As her father reached up and licked her clit, she started to piss into her father's face, she said, "Spill a drop, my pet, and you will be punished!

Collin looked angrily at Jess before Jess quickly grabbed his nose, and squeezing hard and twisting, she whispered, "Come my pet, you have fucked my holes, it is time to pay the price!

" Jess laughed and yelled, "Remember you are my insignificant turd now!

" she paused, and then looking at David, she added, "If that is my master's wish? Jess turned to her father and said, "You will be in my room" as she imagined her father sleeping on the floor at the foot of her bed.

Collin was sexually spent and his ego had taken control of his emotions, he seemed to swell with anger, as his son and his wife left the room, arms around each other and disappeared into David's bedroom.

" Collin tried to drink his daughter's piss but much of the golden fluid ran on to the floor.

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