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Teachers often struggled to get students to put away their phones during class, and conflicts between students could easily fester online while teachers were busy with their lessons."Bullying has been a thing since the beginning of time, but it's very different today," Shane Feldman, an undercover student who graduated from high school in 2012, told Business Insider.

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"They're, like, really dumb, and they'll just like send stuff to just about anyone that asks for it." Meanwhile, social media can lead to depression among students who feel they can't compare to the lavish lifestyles of the people they follow.

"They are constantly seeing all these perfect images instead of the reality of the messiness and awkwardness of actual life," Feldman told Business Insider.

"I'm old enough to remember when we had no cell phones 12 to 15 years ago.

To go with from a few people having them to most of the adults, to almost every single child — they can be a homeless child and have a cell phone, free and reduced meals and have a cell phone," New said.

You’re still young and your retired pay relieves you of all worry about your future. He went there, seated himself at an interview desk, stamped in his finger prints, and started filling out forms.

You’ve just got it a little more strongly than most—but that is not abnormal, in view of what you have been through. He closed his eyes and saw the stars wheeling below him again. The psychiatrist’s voice came back through to him and pulled him back. Presently he printed in the name “William Saunders” and dropped the forms in the slot. We still know very little about what makes a man tick.” “I see.

In another episode, one Highland Park student tells the cameras that female students face constant pressure to send sexual images of themselves to other students — a move that can have devastating consequences.

"The girls that get exposed and stuff, they're like, the freshman girls," the girl told cameras in one scene.

That's what seven young adults learned when they spent a semester posing as students at a Kansas high school for the A&E documentary series "Undercover High." The show follows the adults, ages 21 to 26, as they navigate life as a student and expose the challenges facing students and school staff at Highland Park High School.

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